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“Yes, and” – Better Communication Skills

I think everyone wants to create better communication. Better communication skills help in ALL areas of our lives. Whether it’s with co-workers, our spouse, our friends, our kids, our parents or in-laws, at the drive-thru, at the restaurant, at the checkout, or anywhere that involves interaction with another human, better communication skills is one

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Figuring out the "new normal" of working from home while kids are also there doing school?


Bring Sanity To Your Home!

The Busy-O-Meter is a FREE family craft project that is designed to create a simple way to remind kids when parents and siblings are busy or on important business or school meetings, calls, or Zoom meetings.

Your kids will have fun making it (it’s a great homeschool activity),  and you’ll have fewer interruptions during the day.

You Need the

This is a family craft project that will help your kids visually SEE when it’s OK to interrupt you during the work day.

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