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Homeschool & ADHD

I am no expert. I have no training, certification, or degrees relating to homeschool & ADHD. This is not an article for how to successfully homeschool your child with ADHD. I am not qualified to provide such advice to anyone looking for help. This is about my child with ADHD and what homeschool looks

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Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks : 5/18

We headed to Kings Canyon & Sequoia in mid May. They are technically separate parks but they are joined together physically. It was pretty amazing. Actually, it was quite mind-blowing. These trees are ginormous!! We could put at least 4 of our houses in many of them. That’s insane! If you’ve never seen these

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A very long, very overdue update

Yes, it’s been a while. A very loooooong time, in fact, since I’ve posted on my blog. The last time was after my friend Heidi passed away last Spring – over a year ago!! This time, it’s after my mom passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on March 23rd in her apartment in

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Prague!!!!! 4/2018

The week after my mom’s memorial service in South Georgia in April, we headed to Prague for a week for DoTerra Essential Oils business training and sightseeing. What an amazing trip! We met so many awesome people and learned what it really takes to create a lasting residual income so we can be financially

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White Sands National Monument : 3/2018

Back in March, we had a super-crazy idea one day when we woke up in Cortez, Colorado. We had just arrived in CO Saturday after driving all day from Salt Lake. The day before on Friday we were skiing and snowboarding at Brighton resort. Sunday we spent all day in Mesa Verde National Park.

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Zion National Park : 10/2017

Zion has been one of our absolute favorite parks. (I know I probably say that a lot!) We got to spend several days there and we were camped not too far in an amazing location. The views were spectacular and it was free!! Our first day in Zion in October was a HUGE game-changer

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South Georgia Part 1

So, our story left off with us leaving Orlando. And that post was somewhere in the middle of December. The I’m-going-to-do-a-post-each-week goal hasn’t been going so well this year. But I digress, which I do, a lot. Which is why I’m so far behind. So where was I? Oh yeah, South Georgia. SOWEGA is

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Figuring out the "new normal" of working from home while kids are also there doing school?


Bring Sanity To Your Home!

The Busy-O-Meter is a FREE family craft project that is designed to create a simple way to remind kids when parents and siblings are busy or on important business or school meetings, calls, or Zoom meetings.

Your kids will have fun making it (it’s a great homeschool activity),  and you’ll have fewer interruptions during the day.

You Need the

This is a family craft project that will help your kids visually SEE when it’s OK to interrupt you during the work day.

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