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Yosemite National Park: 2018 – Part 3

Part 3 Part 3 of this story is not ALL about Yosemite, as we are not crazy enough to venture into this very-heavily-visited national park on a holiday weekend. Ok, we ARE crazy, but of a very different kind! We knew after the long and hard day hikes we had done, especially those in

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Yosemite National Park: 2018 – Part 2

It was nothing short of surreal to take my kids to this amazing place just before Memorial Day last year. It has changed quite a bit. Stuff has been renamed and the crowds are absolutely ridiculous in the valley. We got in super early one morning to do the stuff in the Valley, so

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Figuring out the "new normal" of working from home while kids are also there doing school?


Bring Sanity To Your Home!

The Busy-O-Meter is a FREE family craft project that is designed to create a simple way to remind kids when parents and siblings are busy or on important business or school meetings, calls, or Zoom meetings.

Your kids will have fun making it (it’s a great homeschool activity),  and you’ll have fewer interruptions during the day.

You Need the

This is a family craft project that will help your kids visually SEE when it’s OK to interrupt you during the work day.

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